About Malaysian Direct Distribution Association (MDDA)

Founded in 1993, Malaysian Direct Distribution Association, MDDA (formerly known as Multi-level Marketing Association or MLMA) is a non-profit organisation that represents direct selling companies in Malaysia in promoting ethical, responsive and excellent business conduct amongst its corporate members in the direct selling industry.

Direct selling industry is an important industry in Malaysia, contributing over RM12.47 billion worth of sales in 2013. The industry opens up avenues for both part time and full time business opportunities for the Malaysian public. The industry also provides a platform for entrepreneurs to promote their unique products and personal service by way of direct selling.

As the industry’s self regulator, MDDA aims to promote public understanding of what constitutes good direct selling practices. Meanwhile, the organisation also seeks to inform and educate the public on challenges and issues like that of pyramid and get-rich-quick schemes. MDDA also serves as a platform to solicit public opinion with the ultimate aim to better the industry as a whole.