Dear Fellow Distributors,

Welcome to the Malaysian Direct Distribution Association (MDDA).

Since its formation in 1993 as a professional non-profit organisation to serve the needs of the direct selling industry members, MDDA has received immense support from both the industry and its members. The bond between MDDA and its members has helped us grow to be one of the industry’s foremost self-regulating professional bodies tasked with harmonising, coordinating and advocating the issues that are relevant to its members as well as the industry

As the new President of MDDA, I am delighted to witness all that has been achieved by MDDA. And I certainly look forward to continue advocating the organisation’s mission and vision. Together with my trusted committee members by my side, I hope to further assist our members to achieve their utmost potential in the direct selling business and also to constantly inspire and cultivate the highest degree of ethical, responsible and excellent business conduct amongst our members.

Fellow Distributors, do use MDDA as a platform to forge strategic networks with other associations and companies and to drive yourself and the industry forward. We welcome any suggestions and feedback to ensure that we stay relevant and that we are steered by our mission and vision. I hope you will continue to support us for years to come.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Rosedy Issa